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After a two hour character generation session it was time to play. I forget what the job was but the players decided that their first stop would be a [...]
Dapper Devil Ammo Tokens
A few months ago I purchased 150 pistol ammo tokens from Dapper Devil and immediately my group got conscious of the impact shooting people had and [...]
Why I’m getting 5th Edition
I was asked why I was picking up the new edition of Shadowrun when I’ve already invested heavily into 4th edition. While I do believe there isn’t a [...]
Every Sandbox needs a Villian
With the upcoming release of the 5th edition of Shadowrun I have been discussing the possibility of starting a new campaign with my players and consensus [...]
Random Table – Cars
Roll 1D6 1 – 4: Table 1 5 – 6: Table 2 Table 1: Roll D66 11. Mitsubishi Shadow (Sports Car) 12. Peugeot RM780 (Sports Car) 13. Chrysler -Nissan [...]
A Guide to Botnets in Shadowrun
The Hacker core book, Unwired, introduced the concept of botnets or a collection of agents to Shadowrun. Able to identify vulnerable nodes and overwhelm [...]
Pricing the Job, Sandbox Style
One of the often debated aspects of Shadowrun is how much a successful run is worth. If you play by the book then it’s it is more profitable to steal [...]
Random Table – Bikes
Roll D66. 11. Thundercloud Pinto (Trike) 12. Jeep Rover (Trike) 13. ELIC Veldt (Trike) 14. Nissan Tornado (Trike) 15. BMW Blitzen (Chopper) 16. Yamaha [...]
The Way of the Samurai
With the tagline “Honor. Skill. And Exceptionally Sharp Blades” Catalyst have released The Way of the Samurai for Shadowrun 4E. At first I [...]
Shadowrun 5E – Speculation
Early in 2012 I suggested that Cataylst needed to capitalize on the end of the Mayan calendar and the significance this has in Shadowrun. In particular I [...]