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How to be a Killer GM
I recently acquired the reputation for being a killer GM and while I don’t dispute the moniker I would like to put forward the reasoning (as I see [...]
To Kill a Security Guard
I’m the kind of GM who never likes telling their players how to play their characters. As the years have gone on though, I find that usually, [...]
Guest Author: Magester
In my travels I’ve chanced upon the opportunity to invite a fellow player to write a guest post for the blog. His online handle is Magester and [...]
The game that killed a 3 year campaign
Another post collecting my contributions to the Shadowrun community over the years. One of the most memorable games I have GM’ed was in response to [...]
Gang War
I’m in the process of collecting together my contributions to the Shadowrun community over the years. More to have my ideas and notes in one place [...]
4E Investigative Reporting Rules
One of the characters in my campaign is an investigative reporter and we’ve been using an ad-hoc system to cover the stories he reports. To better support [...]
Branding in Shadowrun
In the cyberpunk genre where style is more important than substance the issue of branding is paramount. However as we move through the Shadowrun gear [...]
The Disassemblers
The Disassemblers are professional organleggers, running illegal chop shops, stealing and moving body parts from clinics and even capturing people to sell [...]
Emotitoys in action
God I hate Emotitoys. Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.
Rolling a character for my game?
In the past 2 years I’ve been refining my style of gamemastering and one of the things I’ve discovered is my low-prep style works better with [...]