Rewards in Shadowrun
The reward system in Shadowrun is closely tied to the successful completion of adventures, with the core book suggesting karma rewards are only distributed [...]
Movies to Shadowrun to
At Dumpshock there is often a thread asking or compiling quintessential Shadowrun movies. The first post is always innocent enough, asking for ideas or to [...]
GM Merit Badges
Stuart from Strange Magic posted an article about GM merit badges to better identify a GM’s style and assist players in joining games during [...]
A Quick Update
I finally got to view the Deus Ex trailers and I must say this is looking to be the best Shadowrun game produced in recent years. Sure it’s 2027 and [...]
Blackjacks Shadowrun Page
Blackjacks Shadowrun Page and Blackjack’s Corner on the Shadowrun Archive were one of the few Shadowrun resources on the internet when I started [...]
War in 2070
This is how wars are fought in Shadowrun. FN HAR Assault Rifles Walther MA-2100 Sniper Rifle Steel Lynx Drones Ruthium Polymers AR Overlays