Emotitoys in action
God I hate Emotitoys. Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.
Rolling a character for my game?
In the past 2 years I’ve been refining my style of gamemastering and one of the things I’ve discovered is my low-prep style works better with [...]
Why are the players rolling the dice?
A common piece of GMing advice is you should only roll the dice when a successful and failed outcome would affect the PCs. To me the intention of this [...]
A Cornucopia of Unrelated Topics
Shadowrun books were once a must-purchase for me but once I had acquired the core books, other releases quickly became PDF purchases either due to quality [...]
With 2012 being a significant event in the Shadowrun calendar I hope to see Catalyst jumping at the opportunity to publicize Shadowrun. The reason for this [...]
Core Assumptions
One of the first things that stood out when I read through the 4th Edition Dungeon and Dragons DM’s Guide was the section entitled “The D&D [...]
Carjacking in 2072
My game regularly sees PCs  stealing and disabling cars and I’ve been hand waving a few of the intricacies in the name of fun.  However recent events [...]
Know How to Play Your Character
It is said that being a player is a lot like using a flashlight and a being a GM is like using a spotlight. The GM can see the whole story – the [...]
Old School Gear Kit
This gear kit is what we used to roll with back in 2E. Apart from archetype specific gear (decks, wired reflexes, foci, etc) this was all we needed to [...]
Murdering Cops is a Bad Idea
Knight Errant officers may be corrupt and racist but that doesn’t mean they disappear when you murder them. They always have friends and family who [...]